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Are you unable to lose weight in spite of exercise? Are you looking for maximum results? Interested in improving your athletic performance? Have you hit a plateau in your training program? Would you like to take the “guesswork” out of training? Do you need to know your rate of metabolism and your daily caloric needs in order to lose or gain weight?

With two simple tests, which last 45 minutes combined, we can determine your unique metabolic profile. These tests are routinely done on Olympic and professional athletes. Using the results from your metabolic testing, you can train scientifically, knowing exactly how hard you need to go to achieve the goal you want - whether it is weight loss, improved cardio fitness, decreasing your body fat, or running a faster 10K. Training without your true numbers is like training in the dark, regardless of your fitness goals. This test is appropriate for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, from the beginning exerciser, to the marathoner, or cyclist.

How can I benefit from Anaerobic Threshold - VO2 Max Test?

You will know your VO2 Max.
VO2 max is considered by exercise physiologists to be the ultimate indicator of cardiovascular fitness. Your body consumes a fixed amount of oxygen for every calorie that it burns. The Cardio Coach calculates the amount of oxygen you consume by measuring the volume or air you exhale and the concentration of oxygen in that air. An exercise regimen based on true VO2 max is essential to effective cardiovascular training.

You will know your Anaerobic Threshold.
Your body has an intensity level, or threshold, below which it can supply adequate oxygen to your muscles. This threshold is called your anaerobic threshold, or the threshold above which exercise becomes anaerobic. The higher the intensity you train, (near your anaerobic threshold) and still stay aerobic, the more calories you will burn with a higher percentage of those calories coming from fat. That is why one of the main goals of cardiovascular training is to increase your anaerobic threshold.

You will know how many calories you burn at different heart rate ranges.
The Cardio Coach report includes a table showing how many calories you burn at every range of heart rate during your test. With this information there is no need to rely on crude estimates of calories burned which is usually provided by the treadmill, bike, or elliptical trainer.

You will receive ‘Training Zones’ based on your physiological parameters.
Individual heart rate zones are established for recovery, endurance, and interval training based on your test results and goals. These training zones are much more accurate than the age related heart rate charts we’ve been using for years. Interval training raises your metabolism after a work out and keeps it elevated longer than any steady state work out.

You will receive a printed report with results and your new cardio training program.
Your printed report will include test results, training zones, and a suggested training program. Your Personal Trainer will guide you through your new workouts. For a small fee your cardio training will be monitored via “The FitStop Online Training Center” and a new program will be sent to you every 4 weeks.

Other Benefits:

Systematic training method, which leads to, enhanced athletic performance, faster times, improved recovery, avoidance of over-training, and more effective weight loss training.

Increased motivation to workout as your training sessions will have variety and be results oriented.

Education about how to train “smarter, not harder.”

How can I benefit from a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test?
Your RMR or resting metabolic rate represents the calories your body uses to maintain vital body functions (heart rate, brain function, breathing). In simple terms, it is the number of calories a person would burn if awake, but at rest, all day without activity or exercise.

The RMR test is a simple test lasting 12 minutes which involves breathing into a disposable mouthpiece while your oxygen consumption is measured. The higher your resting metabolic rate, the more calories you burn. This test is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your current nutrition and exercise program. No more averages or guessing about how many calories you should consume.

Your results are immediate and include the following:

How many calories you burn at rest.

Rating of your metabolism as normal, slow, or fast.

Guidelines to assist you in reaching your goal weight.

Please note that this test requires a 4 hour fast and avoiding exercise prior to the test.

For more information on both tests, or to schedule a test, please e-mail us at or call Merlino Fitness at 713-523-2577. Testing fees are $125.00 for anaerobic threshold/VO2 testing and $70.00 for Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test. Save $20.00 and when you purchase both tests for $175.00.

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