Certified Professional Fitness Trainer
BBA, ACE, Cooper Institute

Corporate Whipping Boy
"I wanna be forced into early retirement"

Happy Personal Trainer
"Ok Joan...let's flex those Biceps!"

After moving to the great state of Texas from Buffalo, New York at the age of 14, Michael grew up in Houston and graduated from Jersey Village High School in 1982. He earned a Bachelor' s degree in Business Administration in 1988 from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches Texas. Following college, he spent 10 years as a Human Resources professional and an employee benefits manager with The Baylor College of Medicine and Houston Lighting & Power (now Relient Energy).  Although he enjoyed his corporate career and picked up some invaluable business and management skills along the way, Michael was searching for something more.

In 1996, he put his life-long passion for fitness to work and started studying anatomy, kinesiology, exercise science and biomechanics. He earned a local fitness certification that was affiliated with the Baylor College of Medicine (BSMI) as a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer (CPFT) through Professional Fitness Instructor Training (PFIT). Michael started training clients in private fitness studios in Houston on a part-time basis to test the waters and confirm whether he would truly enjoy his new line of work. After working his full-time corporate job and part-time personal training duties for a year, Michael was presented with a chance to work as a part-time Human Resources consultant for Houston Lighting & Power's nuclear power plant in Bay City, Texas (The South Texas Nuclear Operating Company) in the summer of 1997. This opportunity allowed him to split his time between Human Resources consulting and Personal Fitness Training. Investing the extra in time fitness training and building his client base confirmed beyond a doubt that a full-time fitness career was the right career path for him.

On July 1, 1998, Michael shifted gears once again and became a full-time Fitness Trainer, trading in his suit and tie in for warm ups and tennis shoes. He now spends his time as a freelance, professional fitness trainer, marathon coach, writer and speaker teaching others the importance of exercise, proper nutrition and making fitness a more active part of their lives. He is the co-founder of In Flight Running, a Houston based marathon and half marathon training program that prepares Houston area runners for the Houston Half Marathon, Houston Marathon and other long distance races across the United States. He also owns a fitness and nutrition e-commerce store that sells small fitness equipment, sportwear and nutritional products.

Michael is a currently a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer with The American Council on Exercise (ACE) and is certified in Biomechanics and Dietary Guidance with The Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research (CIAR) in Dallas, Texas. He is also a member of The International Association of Fitness Professionals (IDEA).

Hobbies & Activities
In his free time, Michael loves to spend time with his family, run, play tennis and compete in local and national road races. He also enjoys training himself in the weight room a few days a week. Michael's love of travel and running allows him the opportunity to travel to various cities across the country to compete in half and full marathons. Hiking and photography go hand in hand with his love of the outdoors and sense of adventure. He is a proud husband and father and enjoys spending time with his wife, Christina, and playing with his son, Maximos.

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