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Metabolic Testing
RMR, VO2 Max &
Anaerobic Threshold
Whether you are looking to loose weight or increase peformance, metabolic testing can help you reach your goals. Our resting metabolic rate tests rates your metabolism and gives you a gauge of how many calories per day that you need to maintain or lose weight. Our VO2 - anaerobic threshold tests let you know your true heart rate zones to get the most out of your fat burning ability while you do your cardio workouts. Runners and cyclists can also take their sport and racing to the next level by getting heart rate zones to help with realistic heart rate training goals. Check out the links below for more info about both tests and call us at 713-523-2577 if you have questions about testing and how it can benefit your fitness goals.

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Workout Gloves Clearance Sale

Save up to 50% on select Harbinger men's and women's weight training and workout gloves.

Inflatable Fitness Balls

Inflatable fitness balls from Harbinger, Theraband and TKO. Great for abdominal and core body strengthening.

Weighted Fitness Balls
A great alternative to traditional weights, these water-filled rubber balls are great for training core body.
Foam Rollers
Rehab Equipment
Foam rollers are hot and a great way to apply your own myofacial massage. They can also be used for balance, stability and core body training. Check our our full line of foam roller and rehab equipment.
Workout Belts
Stabilize low back and trunk while performing those heavier lifts. We offer a wide selection from Harbinger Fitness.

Harbinger Big Grip
Workout Gloves
Heavy duty gloves for the serious lifter. Available in wrist wrap and non wrist wrap styles.
Outdoor Strength
Boot camps are hot but Michael has been busy designing his own version of outdoor exercise. No army fatigues and screaming in your face while wallowing in the mud here. Just challenging and safe workouts for all fitness levels that will make you fall in love with playing outside again. Each workout involves resistance training and cardio conditioning to get you in shape quick and wondering why you haven't done this stuff since you were 8 years old.

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Weight Training
Wrist Straps
Increase wrist support with our wide selection of weight lifting straps from Harbinger and Grizzly.
Nip Guards
Abrasion Prevention
For Runners
Protect from painful nipple abrasion. A must have product for male runners. Don't run your next long run or race without them.

Run Fast by
Hal Higdon
Whether you are a beginner road racer or shooting for a new personal best, this book does a great job of breaking down training schedules and drills to run smarter and prepare for race day.
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At Merlino Fitness we never charge you for the opportunity to earn your business so we offer a free, up front, no obligation, one hour consultation to all prospective clients ($75.00 value). Just fill out and submit our fitness and nutrition questionnaire here and we will call you within 1 business day to book your free consultation.

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Kick your fitness plan into gear with professional personal fitness training from Merlino Fitness. One one one and group training is available in our private fitness studio close to River Oaks & Downtown Houston, your home or office or the wide open spaces of Houston's inner loop city parks. We offer a wide variety of training programs and services to fit your budget and busy lifestyle. For more info on our complete menu of fitness services scroll down. Have questions about our programs? Call us at 713-523-2577 or email us at

Group Outdoor Fitness Training
"Out Fit Houston" Boot Camp Style Resistance Training Classes
Not A Gym Rat? Then Take It Outside & Get Fast Results

Get Professional Training at 1/5 The Cost Of One On One Training
Register Any Time For Classes Here
Outdoor boot camps are hot but Houston personal fitness trainer and running coach, Michael Merlino, has been busy designing his own version of outdoor exercise. No army fatigues and screaming in your face while wallowing in the mud here. No "gimmicky", over-hyphed exercises that will put you in the doctor's office. Just challenging and safe strength training and muscle-building workouts for all fitness levels that will make you fall in love with playing outside again. Each workout involves resistance training and cardio conditioning to get you in shape and build muscle fast. Classes are limited to 16 participants each so you don't get lost in the crowd and receive the quality instruction you need to succeed. Choose from packages that allow you to train in the AM or PM once, once, twice or three or more times each week. If you are not in the best shape don't worry. Each class is designed to accomodate a beginner, intermediate and advanced track so you can start easy and upgrade the dificulty of your workouts as you prove your readiness. For those already in shape we can easily help you take it to the next level.
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Select "Out Fit Houston" from the pulldown menu.

Train One On One

Personalized & Private Fitness Training
Work one on one with Michael at his private studio, your apartment or condo's gym facility or in the privacy of your own Houston home or office (inside and adjacent to 610 Loop only) Both one hour and half hour sessions are available. Each session is both a workout and instructional in nature as Michael teaches proper form and technique of all the exercises on your personalized workout plan. In his over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry Michael has worked with a wide variety of clients at every fitness level and age. Whether you need to lose weight, increase strength, re-gain your health, rehab from an injury, increase your athletic performance or improve your sport Merlino Fitness can help!
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Train With A Buddy
Share Sessions With A Friend & Save
The buddy system works in life and in fitness. Train with a buddy, co-worker our significant other during these more affordable one hour workouts. Great, free wheeling workouts that coach you on how to get the most out of each exercise, set and rep. Sessions are available at our private studio, your home or office or most City of Houston Parks inside the 610 Loop.

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Fitness & Nutrition Consultation
Your Plan For Success
& It's Always Free!

Rome wasn't built in a day and without a plan. You certainly can't expect to get results without your own blueprint for success. Fill out our fitness and nutrition questionnaire below and we put a plan together for you and present it during this free 1 hour session. We cover the basics of weight training, cardio and nutritional recommendations. At the end of the session we review the training programs and services we offer. Then you choose a program that best fits your budget, schedule and lifestyle.
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Metabolic Testing
VO2 Max - Anaerobic Threshold - Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

These medical grade tests determine each individual's daily caloric needs and unique heart rate training zones to work out more efficiently, burn fat, build muscle and improve performance. From the couch potato to the elite athlete these tests give you a much clearer picture of what needs to be done in the gym and at the dinner table every day to lose, maintain or gain weight.

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Body Composition
Body Fat Percent & Total Inches Measurements
It is always smart to get your baseline measurements completed before starting a new exercise program so you can measure results down the road and make the necessary adjustments along the way to get results. Michael does a 9 site body fat with calipers and 16 site circumference measurements with a measuring tape. Then he loads it all in a spreadsheet and spends some time reviewing your results and setting goals.

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Advocare Nutritional Supplementation Program
FREE 30 Minute Consultation Helps Design Your Personal Plan

Not all nutritional supplements are created equal. We highly recommend Advocare supplements which are one of the most effective and safest nutritional supplement product lines on the market. Just fill out our fitness & nutrition questionnaire and we will call you to book your free 30 minute consultation to design a supplementation plan that will get you great results.

Fill Out & Submit Our Client Questionnaire With This Service

Marathon & Half Marathon Training Program - In Flight Running
Register Now For The 2013-14 Training Season
Don't train alone! Take your running to new heights with group coaching from In Flight Running. Get great coaching from head coaches Michael Merlino and Duval Ruiz who live and breath the sport of running. In Flight head coaches have been coaching runners over 13 years and know what it takes to get you to the finish line or getting that new personal best. In Flight Running trains and prepares local Houston runners for the Houston Marathon & Half Marathon and other fall and winter races nation-wide. Choose your race and we will get you ready to earn that medal!.
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Want To Learn More About Houston Trainer Michael Merlino?

We know you have many fitness programs to choose from in the Greater Houston area. We offer a wide variety of training and programs that fit your budget and busy life. Michael's training style is fun, professional, goal based and results driven. References are always available from those who have benefitted from our programs over the past 12 years. Here are a few reasons why Michael may be a good "fit" for you.

Michael's fitness philosophy
Why hire us? A few reasons why we may be a good fit
Start your program today with these simple steps
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Merlino Fitness FaceBook Page
Discuss Fitness & Nutrition Issues On-line

Like Michael's FaceBook page and tune in for the latest discussions on fitness and nutrition. Chime in and ask your own fitness and nutrition questions from a certified trainer and marathon coach with 16 years of experience training clients and coaching runners and marathoners.

Merlino Fitness Facebook Page

Fitness Latte
Michael's New Fitness & Nutrition Blog

Houston Personal Fitness Trainer, Michael Merlino, offers a fresh brew of fitness and nutrition thoughts at his new fitness blog, "Fitness Latte". Tune in for his takes on the latest in fitness and feel free to reply to his posts to get some on-line discussion going. Michael is always looking for some new new material to write or comment about so stop by, check out some posts and let us know what is on your mind.

View Fitness Latte Blog

In Flight Running
Michael's New Running Blog

Houston Marathon Coach, Michael Merlino, shares and discusses the sport of running, road racing, half marathon and marathon training. Every runner is welcome here as he offer training tips, discusses and review local and national races and provides other resources to help improve your running. In Flight Running is also Michael's Houston based marathon and half marathon coaching program.

View In Flight Running Blog

VO2 Max, Anaerobic Threshold and Resting Metabolic Rate Testing (RMR)
Call us at 713.523.2577 for more information
You can call to book your appointment or book on-line below

With two simple tests, which last 30-40 minutes combined, we can determine your unique metabolic profile. These tests are routinely done on Olympic and professional athletes although everyday people can benefit greatly from them also. Using the results from your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test and your VO2/Anaerobic Threshold test, you can train scientifically, knowing exactly how many calories per day and how intense you need to work to achieve the goal you want. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your cardio fitness, decrease your body fat, or run or cycle faster, these tests can help take you to the next level. Training without your true numbers is like training in the dark, regardless of your fitness goals. These tests are appropriate for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, from the beginning exerciser, to the marathoner, or cyclist.

More info on RMR testing

More info on AT (Anaerobic Threshold) and VO2 Max testing
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Hypothyroid Disorder and Exercise
Merlino Fitness Health & Wellness Director and RN, Christina Merlino, discussions hypothyroid disorder and how exercise can counter-act many of the risk factors that are caused by this common ailment.
Merlino Fitness Health & Wellness Director and RN, Christina Merlino, discussions Osteoperosis; What it is and how you can prevent it.
Build Your Own Weight Training Workout
Certified professional fitness trainer, Michael Merlino, shows you how to design your own weight training program by muscle group.
Article Archives
Classics from our fitness and nutrition vault.

Weight Training
Lat Pulldowns
Pulldowns are a great exercise for the back muscles but avoid pulling the bar behind the head. Pull the bar down in front of the body toward the collar bone and with the bar just below your chin. Pulling the bar behind the head puts undue stress on the shoulders and rotator cuff.
Avoiding Shin Splints
Do you have lower leg pain or shin splints from running? Running on hard surfaces, worn out running shoes and weak calf muscles could be the culprit. Try running on soft trails, buying a new pair of running shoes or adding calf exercises to your weight training routine.
The Talk Test
A great way to make sure you are staying in your aerobic fat-burning range is the talk test. If you cannot comfortably carry on a conversation with your walking partner you probably need to bring down the intensity to assure yourself that you are burning fat.
Fat Burning
Your Anaerobic Threshold
A great way to make sure you are burning fat during cardio sessions is knowing your anaerobic threshold or where your heart rate zone needs to be to burn fat stores. Find a gym or fitness center that offers anaerobic/VO2 testing. Merlino Fitness offers anaerobic threshold testing every month. Check out the link below for more details.
Merlino Fitness Metabolic Testing
Keys to Weight Loss
If you are trying to drop weight make sure you incorporate the following to get you on your way. Drink lots of water, don't skip meals (especially breakfast), do not eat late night meals or snacks after 7 or 8 pm and build as much activity into your everyday life as you can. Michael also recommends joining weight watchers to anyone trying to lose weight and keep it off long term.
Nutritional Supplements
Good Idea If
Researched Based
For busy lifestyles nutritional supplements may be a good idea to fill the gaps that most of us have in our diet. Many Americians are not even getting the recomended daily allowances of important nutrients through the food they eat. Merlino Fitness highly recommends nutritional supplementation to improve health and performance as long as products are safe and research-based.
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Our archived collection of fitness and nutrition tips to help you stay focused and fit.
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